Great pyrenees for new home (Alma)

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LGD Great Pyrenees One year and 3 months old. She is showing some dog aggression to select dogs, but also gets along with others. The pup in the picture is a good friend of hers and never have they had any issues. But she has snapped at dogs bigger and smaller than her, older and younger. She is great with chickens and ducks. She can't stand being tied out. She barks when we have her in a fenced area that we aren't in with her, unless the brown pup is with her, but he chases chickens so he can't be fenced with her. She has snapped at me when I picked up one of the pups that she was being intense about (she was watching him and following and had snapped at him. I picked him up to remove him from the situation and she snapped at me). She also sometimes does just fine with the other dogs so it is really confusing. She is good with children as long as there isn't any trigger of other dogs happening. She is very sweet otherwise. She is smart. She takes treats and can be lured with them. Does well with grooming. But I don't want to put the little dogs at risk since she won't stay in the fenced area where the other dogs aren't allowed. And I don't want my kids or grandkid to end up between them again when they get into it again. She is very protective of our property and will bark and chase off the free range dogs in the area, and she is really good about staying on our land when she does it as well, most of the time. But the dog aggression isn't safe for her or the others.

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