24ga Standing Seam Metal Panels - $4 (Fort Smith)

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condition: like new
make / manufacturer: custom
model name / number: standing seam
delivery available
1,788 sq/ft of like new 24ga standing seam roofing panels, brown in color, priced at $6 sq/ft. Works out to $10,728 for the whole lot.

(68) 21'
(20) 18'

Panels are 12" wide. 24 are on the roof but they come off easily. Just need someone on the ground to grab them.

We hired Tim's Handyman Service out of Van Buren for this roofing project. Signed the contract in January of 2022, and now, 17 months later, we've finally come to the realization that he is incapable of completing the job, or just unwilling. He's unlicensed by the State of Arkansas and so had no business contracting for a roofing job. Thought we could trust him and save a buck but instead, he cannot be trusted, and we have to take the panels down and take a $14,000 loss on this roof, not to mention the water damage to the ceilings inside the building.

He'll run around the job site promising you everything for a great price, all the while, knowing he's going to get a down payment, and he'll never have to perform on any one of those promises. He'll get on the mobile phone and pretend to call his suppliers, telling you "Yes, I can get a good price on that steel." But there's no supplier on the line. Said he'd do the carport for $6000, so I gave him $3000 down. He can't even spell carport, let alone, build one. Never drove a single nail into the carport in the photos but still, kept the down payment. The carport in the photos I built myself for $24K labor and material, not counting my labor. I consider myself lucky he didn't start that project. because I know what he would have considered a nice carport. Basically, a bunch of steel panels over some steel beams, with 4 steel posts.

Listen people, learn from my mistake. Tim ran out off money and couldn't purchase the additional metal to complete this metal roof job. He has a hernia. He's going through a divorce. His transmission went out. His lead roofing guy went back to Michigan. His lead roofing guy has immigration issues. He stiffed his lead roofing guy for $1500 so the guy quit. "I'm coming Monday." No show. "I'm gonna be there, I swear.". No show. "If you want the roof finished give me $1100 so I can drive down to Gulf Port to buy the coil, I'm leaving tonight." He took the money, but never drove down to Gulf Port. "Oh, that was for expenses to be taken off at the end of the job."

If a licensed contractor had abandoned the job like this, I could lay claim to his bond through the State of Arkansas. But this guy isn't licensed, so I have no recourse.

I should have known. When a guy brags about his lawyer, your ears should perk up.

UPDATE 6/26/2023
We just took off the first of 48 panels and discovered a hole in the decking that was just roofed over. Out of sight, out of mind. Sure, it's a metal roof, so no one will fall through. But why cut corners? I was the only one watching his subcontractor guy since Tim was nowhere to be found, but this one got by me.

UPDATE 7/08/2023
Half the metal is now on the ground. It came off like a wet BandAid. I thought I would need to spend $1360 on a can opener to cut the seams but, as it turns out, his subcontractor only crimped the panels 12" about every 5 feet. So, good news, with a little elbow grease, the panels can be reused.

UPDATE 7/10/2023
All the metal is on the ground.

UPDATE 7/24/2023
I finally have a roof, after 1.5 years of BS. I was forced to hunker down and do it myself. Bought a nail gun and went to town on 28 squares of Tamco architectural shingles. It looks SO much better now that it's complete.

This guy loves to talk about how the whole world has gone to pot and how everyone else is destroying it for the rest of us, when actually, he's no better than any of them. He's just pond scum crust.

UPDATE 11/07/2023
Finally have aluminum fascia and gutters. Exterior is complete. Looks great. Smooth, like pudding. Some people can produce pudding, some people can produce crap. Nightmare over. Avoid Tim's Handyman Service like the plague!

Next update, I'll be posting all the text messages so you can see how he strings people along and never actually shows up to do any work. He can't find workers and he sure as heck isn't going to do any work himself.

UPDATE 1/31/2024
The Arkansas State Contractor Licensing Board has informed me that they're seeking an injunction against this joker. Court date is sometime this February. An injunction will prohibit him from contracting and if he's found working in Arkansas he can be held in contempt and hopefully, there will be consequences. Seems the CLB has some bite after all.

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