American Bresse Hens: 2, Rooster: 1 - $60 (Uniontown, AR)

Uniontown HWY
Dual Purpose Breed: eggs or light cream color: White American Bresse: $60 each: 2 hens available. 1 rooster available. Blue feet as Bresse always have...pictures at a later date...

Meet at Uniontown Post Office lot 30 min. north of Van Buren on Old Uniontown HWY to take a gander.

1 Olive/Light Brown Egg Laying Hen Available: $60
Olive egg and light brown egg laying hen:small, fast, solid red brown...she's not likely to get taken by a hawk and until recently lived in a large electric fence...now is enjoying a chicken tractor rotated on bug rich pasture...she didn't start laying olive eggs until her 2nd year... heritage breed from Tractor Supply (something with a letter A that was hard to pronounce and remember but doesn't look like Aricauna pictures but name sounded something like that, her sister had a solid black tail: she has an upright fan tail.

Solid white American Bresse Hens: 2 available/nearing 2 yrs old. 1 American Bresse Rooster available: have seen him breed but not sure how often he breeds: he was originally prevented from breeding by another Bresse Rooster til he got his own flock. I have not tried to hatch any of the current hens eggs to know how often they are breeding.All 3 are timid having been raised largely hands off in electric fences and chicken tractors.

A heritage breed originally from France known for it's marbling with fat to increase meat succulence and flavor. Heritage breeds tend to be harvested at 4 or 5 months...this breed is traditionally put to forage insects while fed low protein grains to encourage foraging, then the last 2 weeks or more confined and fed milk soaked grain because that was what was available cheaply in the Bresse region of France.

Heritage chickens produce very little meat in comparison to industrial breeds like Cornish Cross sold in supermarkets.

American Bresse hens are easy to feed given their small size. I've taken Bresse chicks and set them under a broody Brahma hen at day 20 and she will hatch and raise them. I have seen Bresse hens go broody but have not attempted to let them raise chicks as I didn't have enough chicken tractors to do that safely (and rotating a tractor with chicks in it is tricky and best done at night when they are in the nest under mom).

American Bresse Rooster: 1 available (rooster comb/waddles need care during 32 F temperatures: apply petroleum daily or thickly every two days to prevent frostbit if not providing heat). Cold hardy breed just needs a windproof coop.

Excellent foragers and fast enough to get to cover. Bred for confinement does well in rotating chicken tractors.

Buff Brahma hens: 2 available/nearing 2 yrs, one splash is white with reddish brown marks throughout $70 and other is traditional solid mustard yellow color with feather penciling and she is very passionately broody and ready to hatch and likely raise your eggs if given her own safe space to raise chicks (most Brahma hens will go broody and raise chicks): $80 yellow broody buff Brahma hen. Broody means rarely leaving their nest so ideally provide food and water within reach of nest to help broody hens stay healthy...they need to feel safe leaving their eggs unattended so they can leave nest to defecate, eat, drink etc. so ideally house separate of all other chickens. Buff Brahma lay a light brown egg and are cold and heat hardy, thickly feathered, extra fluffy.

Text local area code for Van Buren Arkansas and then 88three..sixtyone and &&&&&&75...

Available only Tuesday and Wednedsays, sometimes Thursdays...

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